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Talofofo watershed

Talofofo watershed is located in the middle of southern Guam. It has a drainage area of 22.37 sq. miles. The main rivers in the watershed include Sagge River, Sarasa River, Talisay River, Tolofofo River, Maemong River, Bonya River, Mahlac River, Maagas River, Imog River, Maulap River, Sadog Gago River, Almogosa River, Tinechong River and Malaja River with approximate lengths of 3.69 miles, 3.08 miles, 2.96 miles, 2.72 miles, 2.68 miles, 2.39 miles, 2.24 miles, 1.98 miles, 1.93 miles, 1.78 miles, 1.77 miles, 1.38 miles, 1.22 miles and 0.67 mile respectively. Tinechong River discharges to Sagge River, and then merges to Talofofo River. Sarasa River, Maagas River and Mahlac River merge to Talofofo River, and then discharge to Talofofof Bay in the Pacific Ocean. The highest elevation is about 1289 feet (393 meters) in the southeast of the watershed. The vegetated area is about 88.8%, and the urban area is about 8.9%. The soil types mainly include Ylig clay, Akina-Atate silty clay, Akina silty clay, Togcha-Akina silty clays, Pulantat clay, Inarajan clay, badland, Agfayan clay, Sasalaguan clay, rock and urban land complex.

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