Southern Guam geospatial information server

Welcome to the
Digital Atlas of Southern Guam

This website is a digital resource center for data related to the physical and environmental characteristics of Southern Guam. Its purpose is to provide accurate and easily accessible baseline information to government agencies, environmental specialists, educators, students, and all interested parties. The geographic scope of the atlas is Southern Guam, which is defined as all land area south of the Pago-Adelup geologic fault (see map below.)

The information provided by this website comprises a geo-database that includes physical, environmental, and socio-economic information about the Southern Guam and its watersheds. We encourage the use of such information provided by this website in any environmental study involving southern Guam, particularly in water resources studies such as watershed planning and management, estimation of upland erosion, and impact of anthropogenic activities on the quality and quantity of water in streams and lakes.

Using this site:

Quick and easy access to every page and bit of information contained by this digital atlas is provided by means of two menu bars. The menu on the left-hand side of the screen leads up to mostly textual information. The menu on the right hand side of the screen leads up to mostly geospatial information. Textual information is divided into logical topics (geographic aspects, geology, hydrology, environment, and population). Geospatial data is offered as formatted and designed maps in multiple file formats, raw GIS data, and data derived for use in increasingly popular Google Earth™ software. The right hand side menu also gives access to relevant documents and web resources.